Untranslatable Spanish words

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It is very common in Spanish culture that after a meal, instead of simply leaving, diners spend even hours talking over a cup of coffee. This is what the word "sobremesa" refers to, the conversation after a meal.
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This word refers to a person who is very sensitive to cold, even if it does not affect others.
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It refers to the space between the eyebrows.
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When you've bought something new and you're dying to wear it, you want to "estrenar". This word means wearing something for the first time.
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When someone is "desvelado" it means that they were sleeping and something or someone interrupted their sleep and then have a hard time going back to sleep.
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It refers to a person who only has one eye.
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In English there is no verb that refers to this action specifically, which means to get up early.
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Before partying, it is very common to meet with friends in a public space or in a house to warm up and drink alcohol. This is what "botellón" means.
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When someone is "enmadrado" it means that they are very emotionally attached to their mother.
Dar un toque
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When you call someone and only let it ring once so that they know you called them and you want them to call you back.
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It means to hit the target or to say some appropriate comment for the situation.

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