IELTS Speaking Exam

IELTS Speaking Exam
We will prepare you for your discussion with a certified examiner!

This course will help you answer general questions about yourself!
This vocabulary list focuses on different topics, such as technology, relationships, education and so much more, to make sure that you’ll nail the exam!
There is no easier way to remember vocabulary than by learning it through flashcards!
Be self-confident and put all your acquired knowledge into practice!
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Holiday Vocabulary - DefinitionHoliday Vocabulary - Definition  
27 flashcards
Relationships VocabularyRelationships Vocabulary  
26 flashcards
Technology vocabularyTechnology vocabulary  
28 flashcards
Sports VocabularySports Vocabulary  
27 flashcards
Food vocabularyFood vocabulary  
24 flashcards
Education vocabularyEducation vocabulary  
25 flashcards
Work vocabularyWork vocabulary  
27 flashcards
Health VocabularyHealth Vocabulary  
26 flashcards
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Prepare the IELTS Speaking Exam

When it comes to the IELTS speaking test, it is important to prove that you have a robust vocabulary in English in order to pass the test. IELTS vocabulary terms might seem a lot, but with the right instruction, you can learn more than you can imagine. A course on IELTS vocabulary to prepare the test can help you with your IELTS speaking practice, that is why we have created an IELTS Speaking flashcard course to assist you in the task of developing and strengthening your IELTS vocabulary.

Advantages of taking this course

With this course, you will acquire a set of terms related to IELTS vocabulary that you can incorporate to your IELTS practice and daily English. They the most frequently found IELTS vocabulary terms that you can find when doing the IELTS speaking test. After taking this course, it will be much easier to prove that you have a robust IELTS vocabulary foundation since you will learn:

  • 1. Vocabulary and expressions to answer general questions
  • 2. Terms so that you can answer questions about yourself to nail the first part of the test
  • 3. Vocabulary related to the most frequent topics of the IELTS speaking part
  • 4. More elaborate terms so that you can develop the topics you have to talk about during the specified time without incurring repetition to pass the last part of the Speaking section of the test
  • 5. Incorporate vocabulary that will allow you to give and support statements and opinions

Acquiring IELTS vocabulary is not only the right fit for the IELTS speaking test but also can improve your English level overall when talking about more elaborate topics. This is really important, as some of the IELTS speaking topics might look deceptively simple, but they will get really hard when you need to develop them for 4 or 5 minutes without repeating yourself. That is why you need the course, join now the IELTS Speaking and start learning IELTS vocabulary right away!

Keep learning English to ace the test

Other courses that you can take that are extremely valuable when it comes to enhancing your IELTS vocabulary practice include this course to learn English idioms, which is another great way of building your IELTS vocabulary when preparing the speaking test in order create a good impression on your examiners and this one with a comprehensive list of Synonyms for the most overused English words that can spice up your vocabulary as well.