Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs
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Basic phrasal verbs with "to be"Basic phrasal verbs with "to be"  
12 flashcards
Phrasal verbs with "to be"Phrasal verbs with "to be"  
10 flashcards
Phrasal verbs with "to break"Phrasal verbs with "to break"  
16 flashcards
Basic phrasal verbs with "to bring"Basic phrasal verbs with "to bring"  
9 flashcards
Phrasal verbs with "to bring"Phrasal verbs with "to bring"  
12 flashcards
Basic phrasal verbs with "to call"Basic phrasal verbs with "to call"  
8 flashcards
Phrasal verbs with "to call"Phrasal verbs with "to call"  
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Phrasal verbs with "to carry"Phrasal verbs with "to carry"  
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What are phrasal verbs

English phrasal verbs are syntactic structures which consist of a verb followed by an adverb or preposition to indicate an action. They are frequently used in spoken English and informal communications, so learning the most common phrasal verbs is a must when it comes to English learning and speaking. Even though you can easily infer the meaning of some phrasal verbs and others have literal meanings, there are also the ones carrying a figurative meaning that make them difficult to learn due to their idiomatic nature. In order to help you learn the most common phrasal verbs, we have created these vocabulary lessons that will help you understand English phrasal verbs. By learning these phrasal verbs you will acquire a wide variety of vocabulary terms to indicate actions in English.

Learn the most common phrasal verbs

Of course, learning the most common phrasal verbs can be tricky. After all, those that cannot be understood literally carry a figurative meaning that is hard to understand. In this sense, English phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrases in English with complex structures of at least two elements that require cognitive effort and, in order to make this task easier, we have made these flashcards for you to learn the most common phrasal verbs you can come across to in English. Think of all the progress you could make and assert by simply knowing these English phrasal verbs and their meanings:

  • 1. be back
  • 2. go away
  • 3. feel down
  • 4. set aside
  • 5. turn in

These and a lot more you will be able to learn in your everyday English once you have taken this Phrasal verbs course with the most frequently used English phrasal verbs. Our course is designed for you to explore, recognize and use a wide variety of phrasal verbs that can be really helpful in your day-to-day communications as an English speaker and in your English assignments as a learner of this language. Regarding this, learning the most common phrasal verbs are a great aid when it comes to enrich your vocabulary and boost your learning. You will also get to practice with phrasal verbs exercises that will help strengthen your memory and reinforce your learning. Don't miss this opportunity.

Continue improving your English

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