TOEFL - Most important words

TOEFL - Most important words
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Build up your vocabulary for the TOEFL

There might not be a TOEFL vocabulary section, but it is just as important as if there was one in order to get a high score in the exam, especially in the TOEFL writing section. Since the English language counts with more than 100000 terms, we have selected the 500 essential words for the TOEFL, especially arranged for you not to become lost in preparation. By taking this course and mastering these TOEFL vocabulary English flashcards, you will learn vocabulary for the TOEFL that will help you better express your ideas and share your opinions for the TOEFL writing section; you’ll also get a better understanding of the English language, including being able to understand complex texts by mastering these TOEFL vocabulary words necessary to maximize you’re your command of these essential words for the TOEFL with which you can enhance your TOEFL writing with this set of English flashcards.

Advantages of taking the TOEFL

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language and, as such, is a standardized test designed for non-native English speakers to measure their knowledge of the English language. As such, with these English flashcards, you will get a solid foundation in your TOEFL vocabulary knowledge for the TOEFL writing and reading sections to ace the test. Passing the TOEFL will provide many advantages and benefits since this test is:

  • 1. Valid as proof of your command of English
  • 2. Accepted in many institutions, including a handful of universities
  • 3. Available in a lot of places
  • 4. Helpful, providing valuable feedback on how to improve together with your score
  • 5. Accurately evaluated regarding the different skills

In this course, you will learn the 500 must-have words for the TOEFL to boost your learning with English flashcards that divide your learning into sessions timed and prepared to take your English to the next level and improve your TOEFL vocabulary. VocApp also tracks your progress to help you effectively learn these TOEFL words and space repetition will reinforce such learning by strengthening your memory to build up your TOEFL vocabulary wordlist. Access now to our course of TOEFL - Most Important Words and lay a strong foundation in English by acquiring vocabulary for the TOEFL to pass the TOEFL test with flying colours!

Continue learning

If you want to take your progress further and use English as a native speaker would, you might as well consider taking this course on English Collocations, and even this one in order to improve your English pronunciation that can be really useful for the speaking section of the TOEFL.