TOEFL - Most important words 151 - 175

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to leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing
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You digressed from the main topic of the essay.
to not like someone in a very strong way
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also: condemn
They despise each other after the breakup.
to plan or invent something by careful thought
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Alice was devised by Lewis Carroll.
to destroy, often use in relation to natural disasters
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The earthquake left the town devastated but the inhabitants unhurt.
to change plans or to go on a different path from the one that was planned
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also: differ / vary
We deviated from the route we planned.
to interrupt something by causing a disturbance or problem
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also: disturb
The tragedy disrupted his psychics.
to let people know, often use in relation to science
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He divulged all my secrets after the divorce.
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