Medical vocabulary in Spanish

Medical vocabulary in Spanish
Over 1700 medical terms

Do you work in the field of medicine and need to learn Spanish?
This course gives you the opportunity to learn medical vocabulary in spanish.
It includes the names of the bones, the names of the muscles and some diseases and treatments and, of course, much more!
Our flashcards make it easy and fun to learn these medical terms and expressions!
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At the doctor's - En el médicoAt the doctor's - En el médico  
111 flashcards
General terms - Términos generalesGeneral terms - Términos generales  
67 flashcards
Parts of the body - Partes del cuerpoParts of the body - Partes del cuerpo  
85 flashcards
Muscles - MúsculosMuscles - Músculos  
94 flashcards
Bones - huesos del tarsoBones - huesos del tarso  
117 flashcards
Teeth - DientesTeeth - Dientes  
57 flashcards
Circulatory system - Sistema circulatorioCirculatory system - Sistema circulatorio  
106 flashcards
Respiratory system - Sistema respiratorioRespiratory system - Sistema respiratorio  
52 flashcards
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Why should I learn Spanish medical terms?

We truly hope that during one of our Spanish courses you won't have to need any of the Spanish medical terms but nothing is more important than knowing some words that may help you if you need medical help or if you need to see a doctor in Spain. It shouldn’t be just you who wants help, maybe you have an unconscious, painful partner in your course that doesn't know Spanish medical terms in order to express their problems to a doctor, then you should be able to explain to them what the problem is so that you can support the partner.

Naturally, these words would be of immense importance for you if you are yourself engaged in the medical profession, as you need to teach them not only for safety purposes but for your own job as a matter of fact, particularly when you intend to use Spanish after one of the courses. You may well practice medicine in Spain or see Spanish speakers in your own country; however, you need to be able to talk with confidence and feel confident by using the right words at the right moment. Learning the Spanish medical terms is also very useful, It is not important to explain complicate terms just express your situation in the easiest and most straightforward way possible!

What are the common Spanish medical terms?

You have the most widely used Spanish medical terms for doctors and patients here that we have brought together in an easy to read list. As you can see, many of them are very similar to those used in English, so you should be able to learn them quite easily and with little worry. No need to worry if you have to ask for advice from a doctor or pharmacist; with just some of these Spanish medical terms they will understand you quite easily. Here are some Spanish medical terms

  • Cold - Un resfriado / Un catarro
  • Flu - La gripe
  • Cough - La tos
  • Pain - El dolor
  • Swollen - Hinchado / Hinchada
  • Infection - La infección
  • Fever - La fiebre
  • Sprain - El esquince

What can I learn about Spanish medical terms in this course

With this course, you can learn basic medical terminology list, key parts of the body and other important Spanish medical terms. If you want to learn more, register for the course immediately!

In addition to these, you can check out our other Spanish courses: Spanish in 1 day and Spanish for travelling. Good luck with your study!