DELE B2 - Vocabulary

DELE B2 - Vocabulary
Prepare yourself for DELE B2 exam!

Get to know exactly what you need for DELE exam
1500 words of useful vocabulary
Words organized thematically (politics, art, religion...)
Master your Spanish and boost your confidence!
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106 flashcards
Time, calendar and frequencyTime, calendar and frequency  
74 flashcards
Travelling and tourismTravelling and tourism  
117 flashcards
99 flashcards
Shopping and serviceShopping and service  
106 flashcards
Relations and emotionsRelations and emotions  
90 flashcards
In the countrysideIn the countryside  
43 flashcards
In the cityIn the city  
47 flashcards
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Learn Spanish

Did you know that Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world? Indeed, nowadays around 580 million people speak Spanish all around the world and it has become the third most spoken language around the world. Therefore, as you can guess, reaching an advanced level of Spanish can open you a few doors, not only in the professional field, but also in your everyday life.

Prepare for the DELE exam

You are soon going to take the DELE exam and you want to make sure you are ready? In that case, VocApp has the perfect solution for you! We have selected a list of Spanish vocabulary to help you pass the DELE B2 exam. With more than 1500 Spanish words you will learn new Spanish nouns, new Spanish verbs and you will also know more about Spanish grammar and Spanish conjugation.

At VocApp, we know that learning a language can take time and a lot of efforts. So, with the help of our flashcard system, you will easily learn hundreds of words that you will never forget. You really want to better your level of Spanish and pass the DELE exam? Then stop worrying and start using VocApp! With us, you will successfully pass the DELE B2 exam!

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And if you want to be a hundred percent sure that you are ready to take the DELE B2 exam, we suggest you take a look at the Spanish Vocabulary B1 course, as it will help you revise Spanish vocabulary that you may have forgotten about.