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The company used the hacker's expertise to help them protect their servers. ------- expertise.
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Experiencia, conocimiento sobre algo. ---- La compañía usó la experiencia del hacker para ayudar a proteger sus servidores.
The company is keen to develop its own expertise in the area of computer programming. ------- expertise.
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Experiencia, conocimiento sobre algo. --- La empresa desea desarrollar su propia experiencia en el área de programación informática.
Uff... you're very bad tempered.
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Uff ... tienes muy mal genio.
Essy has a temper; it's best not to upset her.
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Essy tiene mal genio; es mejor no molestarla.
The mother bird regurgitates food to feed her young.------- Regurgitate.
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Vela regurgitated her food yesterday at my house. —— Regurgitate.
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Vomitar... Vela vomitó su comida ayer en mi casa.
The boys started fighting so teachers came to hold them back. ------ Hold back.
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Los chicos empezaron a pelear por lo que los maestros vinieron a contenerlos.
There are two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths. -------- sloth.
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Perezoso. (animal ----- Hay perezosos de dos dedos y perezosos de tres dedos.-------- sloth.
a type of animal that lives in trees in South and Central America and that moves very slowly.
After his divorce, John slipped into apathy and sloth. ------ sloth.
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Perezoso. ----- Después de su divorcio, John cayó en la apatía y la pereza.
It's nearly inevitable that you will survive in this desserted island. ------- inevitable.
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Es casi inevitable que sobrevivas en esta isla desierta.
It's nearly inevitable to stop loving you. ------- inevitable.
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Es casi inevitable dejar de amarte. ------- inevitable.
It will be inevitable to forget your love. ------- inevitable.
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Será inevitable olvidar tu amor. ------- inevitable.
What strategy do you recommend for listening?. ------ strategy.
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¿Qué estrategia recomiendas para escuchar ?.
I'm sure the only reason Lalo is refusing to help me with this project is because I forgot to phone him yesterday; he's so petty. —— Petty.
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Ruin, cabron, mezquino.
Mrs Canny Hots said, everyone was surprised at the child's canny remark. —- Canny.
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sagaz, astuto, inteligente.
Sorprendente? ........ Mr Uncanys said, that man bears an (- -) resemblance to my father; if I didn't know dad had been dead for fifteen years, I'd swear that was him.
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Uncanny... Sorprendente.
It’s inevitable not to struggle when you are learning something new.
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Es inevitable no batallar cuando estas aprendiendo algo nuevo.

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