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post office
Can I buy stamps at the post office?
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la oficina de correos
¿Puedo comprar sellos en la oficina de correos?
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el monumento
to go straight
You have to go straight ahead to get to the post office.
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ír derecho
Tienes que seguír recto para llegar a la oficina de correos.
Vegetables and fruits are sold at the market.
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el mercado
also: "mercadillo" - it's that type of market where you have a bit of everything: food, clothes, etc.
La verdura y la fruta se vende en el mercado.
currency exchange
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el cambio de divisa
shop, store
The shops are open from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m.
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la tienda
Las tiendas están abiertas de 8:00 a 19:00.
underground, subway
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el metro
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