Travelling to Mexico

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Isolated parts of Mexico have been plagued by a recent increase in cartel-associated violence. But, let’s be clear about one thing: travelling in most of Mexico is actually very safe.
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Most visitors to Mexico will fill an immigration form which is actually on break-away paper. The immigration officer will tear it off and stick it in your passport. Hold on to it because you’ll be asked for it when you leave the country.
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Restroom doors marked with “M” are for the ladies. The Spanish word for women is “mujeres.” So, gentlemen, look for a door marked with an “H” (for “hombres”) or a “C” (for “caballeros”).
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An option is to change dollars at the best rate you can find, but the best option is to acquire an ATM card that gives the interbank loan rate for foreign currency withdrawals.
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