Przyimki/ przydatne zwroty

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w porównaniu z
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in comparison with
This is a crucial change in comparison with earlier reports.
nie doceniać, brać za pewnik
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take for granted
I took it for granted that they'd offer to pay for their share but I was wrong.
póki co, na razie
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for the time being
For the time being, it is, of course, impossible to say when the second stage will be introduced.
dla odmiany
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for a change
zdecydowanie, nieporównanie
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by far
1. You're the best choice... by far. 2. But the biggest fish by far is this man.
w chwili przybycia
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on arrival
On arrival at the police station, they were taken to an interview room.
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on average
In Europe, women still earn on average 18% less than men.
na żądanie, życzenie
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on demand
na służbie
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on duty
w imieniu
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on behalf of
I’d like to say on behalf of the whole group that we wish you well in your new job.
na wybrzeżu
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on the coast
z kolei, przeciwnie
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on the contrary
Look, on the contrary of what may be written on your wall, people don't always leave.
w zasadzie, ogólnie rzecz biorąc
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on the whole
She is the most natural person on the whole world.
służbowo, w interesach
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on business
pod warunkiem, że
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on condition that
poza kontrolą, z miejsca/ od razu
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out of hand
1. This has gotten completely out of hand.
poza zasięgiem
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out of reach
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out of stock
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out of breath
zgodnie z
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according to
wyprzedzić epokę
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ahead of one's time
That 19th-century scientist was definitely ahead of his time with his detailed plan of space travel.
niezgodny z prawem
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against the law
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behind the times
Of course grandpa doesn't have a cell phone—he's behind the times, as usual.
w odniesieniu do
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in/ with reference to
1. I am writing with reference to your article on salaries for scientists. 2. I'm calling in reference to your series on prejudice.
w odpowiedzi na
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in response to
Nonetheless, some changes were made in response to comments made by visitors to his workshop.
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instead of
moim zdaniem
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to my mind
ku czyjemuś zaskoczeniu
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to one's surprise
To my great surprise, they agreed to all our demands.
trochę, ileś
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to some extent
I also see this to some extent as an endorsement of my own work.
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under arrest
majac na uwadze
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with a view to
These measures have been taken with a view to increasing the company's profits.
w związku z
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with regard to
w tarapatach
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in difficulty
o którym mowa
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in question
For all these reasons, I voted in favour of the report in question.

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