Not only Roman slang... common Italian sayings - Proverbi italiani comuni

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to sit back
Maybe you can sit back and wait for him to call you, but I can't.
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Stare con le mani in mano.
Magari tu sai startene con le mani in mani aspettando una sua chiamata, ma io no.
That's for sure!
Today we're going to the cinema, that's for sure!
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Su questo non ci piove.
Oggi andiamo al cinema, su questo non ci piove!
Bad things never come alone. / When it rains, it pours.
I've already had a cold, now the temperature too... bad things never come alone.
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Piove sul bagnato.
Già avevo il raffreddore, ora anche la febbre... piove sempre sul bagnato!
Mum's the word.
I didn't do my homework, but mum's the word.
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Acqua in bocca!
Non ho fatto i compiti, ma acqua in bocca!
One problem drives away another.
If he broke with you there's just one thing you can do, find another one because one problem drives away another.
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Chiodo scaccia chiodo.
Se lui ti ha lasciata c'è solo una cosa che puoi fare, chiodo scaccia chiodo.
to be direct / frank / honest
He is very honest and direct, so he always tells me if clothes look good on me.
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Non avere peli sulla lingua.
Lui non ha peli sulla lingua, quindi mi dice sempre se un vestito mi sta bene o no.
to be enraged / to see red
Today I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed, I'm enraged.
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Avere un diavolo per capello.
Oggi mi sono svegliata male, ho un diavolo per capello.

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