Expressions concerning places - Espressioni riguardanti luoghi

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If you drive like that you will end up in cemetery soon.
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alberi / arberi pizzuti
"arberi" is the Roman for "alberi". In Roman slang is very common to replace "L" with "R"
Se guidi così finirai presto agli arlberi pizzuti.
to put into jail
We would all be glad if they put you into jail.
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Saremmo tutti contenti se ti ingabbiassero.
dome of St. Peter
From the distance St. Peter's dome is magnificent.
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er Cuppolone
Da lontano il / er Cuppolone è uno spettacolo.
Your zipper is open.
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la bottega
Figuratively it stands for pants' zipper.
Hai la bottega aperta.
a person from a specific district of Rome (Parioli)
What surprises you? He is a pariolino.
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It is used to describe a posh and snobby person.
Di che ti stupisci? È un pariolino.
He ended up in prison.
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È finito al gabbio.
to go
He went home.
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Almost abandoned verb in the modern slang.
Se n'è ito a casa.

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