CELI 2 - Everyday vocabulary

CELI 2 - Everyday vocabulary
Learn important everyday vocabulary for your CELI exam!

Prepare to certify your Italian skills at an intermediate level
Learn useful Italian vocabulary on different topics, from emotions to literature
Master the Italian pronunciation with our lector
Remember new words easily thanks to the fun and effective flashcard method!
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Emotions - EmozioniEmotions - Emozioni  
66 flashcards
Means of transport - I mezzi di trasportoMeans of transport - I mezzi di trasporto  
22 flashcards
Musical instruments - Gli strumenti musicaliMusical instruments - Gli strumenti musicali  
32 flashcards
Fruits an vegetables - Frutta e verduraFruits an vegetables - Frutta e verdura  
60 flashcards
Journey - Il viaggioJourney - Il viaggio  
68 flashcards
Weather, climate and natural disasters - Meteo, clima e disastri naturaliWeather, climate and natural disasters - Meteo, clima e disastri naturali  
56 flashcards
Religions and ethics - La religione e l'eticaReligions and ethics - La religione e l'etica  
55 flashcards
Jobs - I lavoriJobs - I lavori  
59 flashcards
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Why should you learn Italian?

It is so worth it to learn Italian! It is spoken by over 85 million people worldwide! Think about how many new people can you meet and speak to them in their native language? You will be able to make a lot of friends not only around Italy, but also in other Italian small communities that are located all around the world. With our Italian course, you will learn Italian and you will be finally able to ask for your pizza in this beautiful language! Italian is the official language of classical music! Should we mention the brilliant Italian literature we inherited? Do you want to read The Divine Comedy in original? Taking an Italian course online with VocApp will make all of these goals achievable! If you want to learn Italian, if you are preparing your CELI exam or if you aim to obtain a B2 level of Italian language, this Italian course is meant for you!

What are you going to learn through this course?

Through this Italian course, you are going to learn Italian vocabulary that is important for day to day conversations and will be useful if you will take an Italian exam:

  • 1. Le emozioni ("emotions"), for example “essere nostalgico” = “to feel nostalgic”;
  • 2. La frutta e la verdura (“fruits and vegetables) for example “la nocciola” = “hazelnut”;
  • 3. Gli animali (“animals”) and idiomatic expressions with animals, for example: “conoscere i propri polli” = “to know who one is dealing with”;
  • 4. Lo sport (“sport”), for example: “il pattinaggio sul ghiaccio” = “ice skating”;
  • 5. Il cibo, le bevande e la cucina (“food, drink and kitchen”), for example: “la pagnotta di pane" = “loaf of bread”.

Learn Italian now!

Thanks to our Italian course, you are going to learn Italian in an easy, efficient and funny way. You are not going to notice that you are studying with an Italian course and remembering important vocabulary for the CELI exam will become a fast process! Flashcards will allow you to learn Italian anywhere and anytime.

Before starting this course, we would recommend you to take a look at Italian Words: Top 3000 adjectives. Buona fortuna!