Idiomatic expression with fashion - Modi di dire con la moda

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hats off
If you managed to do everything in time, hats off!
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tanto di cappello
Se è riuscito a fare tutto in tempo, tanto di cappello!
to pull the strings
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tirare i fili
to give an hard time
His colleagues gave him an hard time.
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dare del filo da torcere
I suoi colleghi gli hanno dato del filo dal torcere.
to sweat one’s guts out
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sudare sette camicie
to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
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essere nato con la camicia
to wear the trousers
Sara's acting boss, but she's not the one wearing the trousers here.
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portare i pantaloni
Sara si comporta da capo, ma non è lei che porta i pantaloni qui.
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