Medical Italian

Medical Italian
All the main medical words and expressions in just one course!

Learn the main vocabulary used in the medical system in Italy
Remember forever thanks to the effective Spaced Repetition System
Prepare yourself to work in an Italian hospital
Impress the Italian-speaking doctors with your tremendous knowledge!
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At the doctor's - Al dottoreAt the doctor's - Al dottore  
111 flashcards
General terms - Termini generaliGeneral terms - Termini generali  
67 flashcards
Parts of the body - Parti del corpoParts of the body - Parti del corpo  
85 flashcards
Muscles - MuscoliMuscles - Muscoli  
94 flashcards
Bones - OssaBones - Ossa  
117 flashcards
Teeth - DentiTeeth - Denti  
57 flashcards
Circulatory system - Sistema circolatorioCirculatory system - Sistema circolatorio  
106 flashcards
Respiratory system - Sistema respiratorioRespiratory system - Sistema respiratorio  
52 flashcards
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Learn medical Italian

Are you going to work in medical facilities where Italian is spoken and need to boost your Italian vocabulary applied in the medical field? Are you a medical professional working in places that usually receive Italian patients? Do you need to learn medical Italian but have not found the right course to do so? With this course aimed at English speakers that want to learn Italian vocabulary for medical purposes, students will acquire tons of Italian vocabulary to describe, address, and assess different health problems. In this medical terminology course, you’ll learn the most important Italian vocabulary, questions, and expressions related to the medical field from these vocabulary flashcards aimed at boosting your Italian vocabulary so that you can communicate effectively in medical settings.

Who is this course for

This course is aimed at anyone working in Italian-speaking medical settings that need to learn Italian vocabulary related to the subject area: doctors, nurses, medical students, dentists, and other medical professionals who want to learn the most common Italian words used in the medical field. The vocabulary flashcards in this medical terminology course related to Italian vocabulary include content such as:

  • 1. Common questions made at the doctor’s office
  • 2. General terms
  • 3. Parts of the body
  • 4. Terms related to the different systems in the human body
  • 5. Vocabulary concerning illnesses, conditions, and health problems
  • 6. Examination and treatment processes

In short, you will learn more than 1700 medical terms that you will be able to incorporate to your Italian vocabulary and use daily at your workplace. Furthermore, the technology VocAapp uses makes it possible for you to get the best out of your study sessions, so you can learn faster and retain the Italian words that you learn more effectively. Learn Italian vocabulary with VocApp.

Keep learning Italian

If you want to keep learning more Italian vocabulary, you can also take this course on Everyday phrases in Italian to keep developing your conversational Italian. Furthermore, if you want to discover the culture of the country, there is also a course about Italian culture that you can start exploring right away. Join the adventure now!