Warnings, advice and testing patience and trust - Avvertimenti, consigli e mettere alla prova pazienza e fiducia

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Be careful!
Be careful, you don't want to hurt yourself!
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Sta 'n campana!
Sta 'n campana, non farti male!
Chill out!
And in case it's not obvious, I am not chill.
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E se non fosse abbastanza chiaro non sto scialla.
End of the story!
We are doing this my way, end of the story!
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E chi s'è visto, s'è visto!
Faremo come dico io e chi s'è visto s'è visto!
Let's trust him / her / them
Let's trust them for once.
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Famo a fidasse
Famo a fidasse de loro per una volta.
Hurry up!
Hurry up 'cause we're busy!
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Datti / datte una mossa!
Datte una mossa che abbiamo da fare!
Hurry up!
Hurry up because I'm about to close.
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Spicciati ché sto per chiudere.
The less I see him the better
We don't get along, so the less I see him the better.
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Meno ti / te vedo mejo mi / me sento
"Te" and "me" are respectively the Roman for "ti" and "mi". "Mejo" is the Roman for "meglio".
Non andiamo d'accordo, quindi meno lo vedo mejo me sento.

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