Small talk (Business French)

Small talk (Business French)
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Conversation Starters and Greetings - Débuts de conversation et salutationsConversation Starters and Greetings - Débuts de conversation et saluta...  
36 flashcards
Typical Responses - Réponses TypiquesTypical Responses - Réponses Typiques  
32 flashcards
Talking about the weather - Parler de la météoTalking about the weather - Parler de la météo  
44 flashcards
Talking about current events - Parler de l'actualitéTalking about current events - Parler de l'actualité  
57 flashcards
At the office - Au bureauAt the office - Au bureau  
62 flashcards
At a social event - Lors d'une activité socialeAt a social event - Lors d'une activité sociale  
51 flashcards
At a Conference - Lors d'une conférenceAt a Conference - Lors d'une conférence  
35 flashcards
Catching up and gossiping - Rattraper le temps perdu et parler des ragotsCatching up and gossiping - Rattraper le temps perdu et parler des ragots  
126 flashcards
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How to build up a French conversation?

There might be several situations when you need to use your French speaking skills and French vocabulary in order to properly have a French conversation with a native speaker about various topics. Maybe you are in a restaurant where you want to order, you are on the street and need to ask for some directions, or you are in a situation where you have to make a presentation of yourself, or you simply have to talk about matters such as the weather, jobs, about certain events and so on. Do not fret, it is not as hard as you think it is. You simply have to learn several essential French phrases to use in such situations and practice them whenever you have the chance.

How can our VocApp platform help you learn how to handle a French conversation properly?

A very efficient way of learning French phrases is through the use of multisensorial cards that enhance your French speaking skills. VocApp can help you in that regard by offering you a number of visual, textual and audio flashcards that give you the opportunity to get familiar with some of the most important French phrases that you could use in any conversation. You can exercise your pronunciation, you are also provided with a translation of the sentences, in order to easily memorize them. We offer you a list of French phrases divided into 15 lessons. Below you will find some of them:

  • 1. Conversation Starters and Greetings
  • 2. Typical Responses
  • 3. Talking about the weather
  • 4. Talking about current events
  • 5. At the office
  • 6. At a social event
  • 7. At a Conference

There are many other such lessons specially designed to help you in social situations. You don't even have to know the basic French vocabulary, our course will help and guide you so you can learn in a fast and easy way all the necessary steps to a successful French conversation. So, if you are interested to have a successful French conversation, you can also check this course: Everyday phrases in French.

Mastering French vocabulary and French-speaking skills

Now that you have all the resources that you need, you must also learn how to study and how to properly put to exercise all the information that you acquired in order to learn how to speak French like a pro because we want you to aim as high as possible. The first step would be to visit all of the courses that we recommended to you earlier, so you can get accustomed to French vocabulary and French phrases. Take the time to repeat all the pronunciations that you hear, so you can enhance your French speaking skills as well. Learn which social situations require a certain type of French phrase, so you can know when to use them. Imagine a French conversation, write it down by using all the French vocabulary and French phrases that you learned from our courses. What we recommend to you next is to find a mate that knows how to speak French fairly well, or, if possible, a native speaker, with whom you can hold a proper French conversation. Always remember to be self-confident and to not be ashamed if you make some mistakes, because you can learn this way how to speak French and how to handle a French conversation.