French for travelling

French for travelling
Survival guide

Get to know the essential vocabulary you’ll need in your journey
Experience the French culture at its best
Plan your trip with useful tips prepared for you by the French themselves
Quiche Lorraine, hachis Parmentier, tartiflette... - try them all :)
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Plane - En avionPlane - En avion  
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Car - En voitureCar - En voiture  
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Hitchhiking - En auto-stopHitchhiking - En auto-stop  
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Long-distance bus - En bus longue distanceLong-distance bus - En bus longue distance  
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City bus - En bus de villeCity bus - En bus de ville  
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Train - En trainTrain - En train  
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Ferry - En ferryFerry - En ferry  
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En randonnée - HikingEn randonnée - Hiking  
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French for travelling

Travellers to France and other countries where French is spoken will want to learn basic French phrases. This course is a survival guide that will help you to pick up basic French phrases and essential conversational topics that will allow you to broaden your listening and speaking skills. The course consists of 18 lessons which include basic French phrases. A huge part of the attention is paid to the correct pronunciation and expansion of the vocabulary. Basic French phrases are easy to learn using our flashcards; they will help you memorize French vocabulary, phonetics and grammar, as well as understand the basics of reading.

Basic French phrases

France is the world’s top tourist destination and attracts millions of visitors yearly. The ability to speak even basic French phrases is much more enjoyable as this will offer insights into France’s culture and way of life. Before travelling to French-speaking countries, people are usually trying to learn French greetings such as:

  • Bonjour! (Good morning, Good day, Hello) The origin or the French greetings “Bonjour” comes from the combination of bon + jour: “bon” is the French word that means good and “jour” is the French word that means a day

    However, the word “bonjour” didn’t exist before 1230. So research suggests that “bon jor” was used to wish a “favourable day“. Only in 13th century “bonjour” was added to the list of basic French phrases for daily French greetings.

  • Salut! (Hi!) – “Salut” is the equivalent of “hi” in English. A familiar way of saying “good morning” is “salut”. It is one of the informal French greetings that is commonly used among friends and family members. “Salut” can also be used to say “Bye-bye” to your friend.
  • Au revoir! (Goodbye) – “Au revoir” is made of two words: “au” is a French preposition and “revoir” is a French word that means “to see again”. “Au plaisir de se revoir” is also one of the French expressions with the word “revoir” that can be used when leaving while expressing the pleasure (plaisir) to meet again.


Basic phrases in French are suitable for beginners too, especially, the basic conversations it includes using daily French vocabulary. With this course, you will be able to learn basic French phrases so you could enjoy the journey.

Below are some of the topics that are covered in the course:

  • 1.At the airport
  • 2. Long-distance bus trips
  • 3. Ferry
  • 4. On the train
  • 5. At the border
  • 6. At the hotel
  • 7. At the restaurant

French expressions

To master new skills while learning basic French phrases, we suggest you start with the Everyday phrases in French course. You can also help your kids learn basic French phrases with our French for children course. If you want to learn French vocabulary for IT purposes, please refer to the IT (Business French) course. After these courses, you would be able to communicate effectively.

On behalf of the VocApp team, we are wishing you a bon voyage!