Top 1000 French Words

Top 1000 French Words
Ultimate list of the most popular French words

French won’t have any secrets for you after this course ;)
Pronounce any French word as if you were native speaker yourself with our audio option!
Don’t be afraid to speak French anymore with this list of the most frequent French words
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Nouns 151 - 200Nouns 151 - 200  
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Nouns 201 - 250Nouns 201 - 250  
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Why you should study French?

French is one of the world's widely spoken languages. So, this means when you learn French conversation, you will have the opportunity to communicate to a wider audience as much as you do in English. Either you study French to learn French conversation and to boost your language skills or to start a life in a French-speaking country, this language will always help you along the way! Not to mention French is the most common language in technology after English and German!

Considering the perks of it, how hard is to learn French could be anyways? When you learn French, you will be able to expand your portfolio in your career, you will have the access to more materials on the web, and in this way, you will have the privilege to stand out! Since that French has a different kind of phonetic, it may sound exotic or difficult for you. Now, you may ask yourself how hard is French to learn. Rest assured, this course is going to help you without a doubt!

How do I learn French?

There are a lot of books to learn French conversation on the web. You may also take some private lessons but there is a more effective method of learning French. It is the flashcard memorizing technique of VocApp! Stop wasting time searching the best book to learn French and start to learn French conversation with VocApp! The best way to learn French on your own is to actually practice French which possible with VocApp's flashcards.

Now, you may ask yourself how many hours to learn French is going to be enough. Well, it depends on how frequently you are going to practice with VocApp's flashcards. For an excellent jumpstart, go ahead and get VocApp's Top 1000 French Words course! This ultimate list of the most popular French words is going to provide you with not only an enjoyable learning experience but also an increasing vocabulary learning curve. After all, this is what flashcards are all about, right?

By buying this course you will have these privileges below:

  • French no longer will be a mystery for you and you will learn French conversation.
  • Thanks to our audio option, you will learn French conversation and pronounce the top 1000 words in French like a native speaker.
  • You will understand the general concept of French conversations.
  • Increasing your self-confidence with your French skills are going to be inevitable! How hard is to learn French will not be your main concern anymore!

Continue learning French

To learn French conversation, obviously, you will need a lot of practice. If you are still asking yourself how hard is French to learn you might want to check the Small talk course on VocApp. Once you learn the Small talk, you will see how easy it is to learn French conversation. Also, a lot of travellers who ask themselves how hard is to learn French feel the need to know the basics of French when they travel to a French-speaking country. Well, the French for travelling course on VocApp is the perfect fit for them!