Collocations with the verb "to start"

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to begin an armed conflict between two or more countries
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start a war
The Central Powers and the Allied Powers started a war in 1914.
to establish a company that will offer goods or services
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start a business
Richard started a business when he was only 17.
to begin having children
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start a family
We earn enough to start a family.
to begin a formal discussion
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start a meeting
Shareholders are ready to start the meeting.
to do something again in a new way
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start afresh
She started the essay afresh because she did not like what she wrote.
to begin investigating whether one is guilty or not
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start criminal prosecution
The police started criminal prosecution to establish his guilt.
to begin a debate
also: to make something burn
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start a fire
The two neighbours started a fire over the plot of land.
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