Collocations with the preposition "on"

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to rely / depend on somebody / something
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count on somebody / something
Phil is a suspicious guy, don't count on his help.
to take a risk, predict or anticipate something
also: to risk money by betting
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gamble on something
Would you gamble on it raining today?
to continue doing something
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keep on (doing) something
She ignored us and kept on singing.
to value / be proud of something one has
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pride oneself on something
Tarantino prides himself on the genius movies he filmed.
to praise somebody for something accomplished
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congratulate somebody on something
I want to congratulate Mr. Farrelly on his first Oscar.
to trust somebody / something
also: to need somebody / something
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rely on somebody / something
I advise you not to rely on Peter.
to perform surgery on somebody
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operate on somebody
The doctor decided to operate on his leg tomorrow.
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