Collocations with the verb "to run"

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to move fastly to the lower floors of a building
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run downstairs
Melinda ran downstairs when she heard the scream.
to move fastly to the upper floors of a building
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run upstairs
The parents ran upstairs to see what happened to their daughter.
to hit the coast
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run ashore
According to the schedule, the ship will run ashore at 8 A.M.
to be behind the schedule
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be running late
We'll be running late if you don't finish packing now.
to not have much / enough of something
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run short of something
They run short of flour and asked me to bring a pack.
to control a business
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run a business
Mary is a smart woman who runs her own business.
to use petrol to work
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run on petrol
The car we bought runs on petrol.
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