Collocations with the verb "to keep"

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to continue to be aware of something
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keep track of something
An accountant has to keep track of all the financial documents of a company.
to not say anything about something
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keep something quiet
Keep your news quiet, it's not the perfect time to say it.
to be worthy of respect
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keep one's dignity
No matter how people act, you should always keep your dignity.
to be physically distant / to avoid
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keep one's distance
Please keep your distance from the lions, they are dangerous.
a wish to stay healthy and not get a cold
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keep warm
I hope to hear from you soon. Keep warm.
to maintain a process
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keep the ball rolling
I'll start mixing and you'll keep the ball rolling.
to stand upright
also: to remain emotionally stable
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keep one's balance
It's hard to keep your balance on a tightrope.
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