Collocations with the preposition "for"

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to find time to do something
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make the time for something
I barely make the time for dating.
to give somebody the needed things to live
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provide for somebody
You are mature enough to provide for yourself.
to escape by running
also: to get to the destination really quickly
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make a run for it
The two prisoners stole the keys and made a run for it.
to not be angry about what somebody did
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forgive somebody for something
I can't forgive him for breaking my heart.
to try to find somebody / something
also: to hope to get something
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look for somebody / something
The driver is looking for his keys.
to get more information on something
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check something for something
Check the link for more information on this topic.
to expect to come
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wait for somebody / something
We were waiting for Joe to join us.
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