Collocations with the verb "to get"

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to take part in an activity
also: to be connected
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get involved in something
Get involved in our project and receive a unique experience.
to begin to like
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get to like somebody / something
I got to like drinking strong tea after moving to Britain.
to not be able to find the way
also used instead of "Go away!"
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get lost
It's easy to get lost travelling without a map.
to be astonished by a thing or event
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get a surprise
Our loved ones deserve to get the best surprises.
to arrive at the place where one lives
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get home
The tourists took 3 busses to get home.
to get a higher position in a company
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get promotion
She got a promotion because of hard work and responsibility.
to become scared
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get frightened
I got frightened of snakes after "Anaconda".
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