Collocations with the preposition "by"

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to memorize something perfectly
start learning
know something by heart
Kelly is sure she knows the poem by heart.
to add a number to itself a specific number of times
start learning
multiply by something (number)
At the age of 5, she knew to multiply 12 by 44.
to become afraid that something undesirable might occur because of somebody / something
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be frightened by somebody / something
The child was frightened by the unhealthy behaviour of his mother.
to feel tired because something is not interesting
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be bored by something
Fill is bored by his father's stories.
to cause to exist due to the work of somebody
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be made by somebody
The first telephone was made by Bell.
to feel surprised because of somebody / something
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be shocked by somebody / something
The guests were shocked by the drunk man.
to calculate the number of times that one number fits into the other
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divide by something (number)
Mary, how much is 20 divided by 2?
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