Collocations with the preposition "of"

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to contain many things inside
also: to have a lot of an emotion
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be full of something
His pocket was full of candies and coins.
to make somebody think of something
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remind somebody of something
This song reminds me of our wedding.
to have the qualities or abilities to do something
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be capable of (doing) something
She's not capable of taking care of the kids.
to feel fear of somebody / something
also: to worry about negative consequences of something
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be afraid / frightened of somebody / something
Belle wasn't afraid of the beast.
to consist of several things
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be composed of something
Violet is a colour composed of blue and red.
to like or love somebody / something
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be fond of somebody / something
Football players are fond of running.
to find out / to know / to receive a news about somebody / something
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hear of somebody / something
I heard your ex is getting married.
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