Collocations with the verb "to pay"

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to pay a rate for taking a loan
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pay interest
If you borrow money from a bank, you'll have to pay interest.
to go to visit somebody
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pay somebody a visit
My daughters came to the hospital to pay me a visit.
to pay for one's expenses or to contribute to another person
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pay one's way
Hannah worked a lot to pay her way through university.
to pay an amount of money before receiving the product or service
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pay in advance
You can book the room by paying half of the price in advance.
to pay for expenses
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pay the bills
Working as a journalist is not enough to pay the bills.
to offer money for a service
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pay somebody to do something
Our company will pay you to move to New Zealand.
to pay the money when it is asked by the receiver
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pay on demand
John accepted me to pay on demand.
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