Collocations with the preposition "to"

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to do a task that has to be done
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see to something
They hired a cleaning lady to see to the household chores.
to pledge something to a person as a mark of respect
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dedicate something to somebody
The author dedicated the novel to his family.
to be somebody's husband or wife
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be married to somebody
I didn't know you were married to Jacob.
to give the responsibility to somebody
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entrust something to somebody
I entrusted the project to our intern.
to use the only thing available
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resort to something
We should learn to survive without resorting to big loans.
about two or more things that are related in some way
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be connected to something
They said my ideas are not connected to the topic.
to want to thank somebody for something
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be grateful to somebody for something
The whole village was grateful to the firefighters for saving their church.
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