Wishes and requests - Les souhaits et les demandes

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to allow
My mom has never allowed me to come home late.
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Ma maman ne m'a jamais permis de rentrer tard à la maison.
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la demande
to want
I want to finish my studies with good results.
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I would like = je voudrais
Je veux finir mes études avec de bons résultats.
to require
The situation required us to keep it serious.
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La situation exigeait de garder son sérieux.
He asked her permission.
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la permission
Il lui a demandé la permission.
it is necessary
It is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables every day.
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il faut
Il faut manger des fruits et des légumes tous les jours.
to ask
He asked us to help him.
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Il nous a demandé de l'aider.
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