Use of English 3. Test 3. Paper 3, task 4

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The rate of inflation has fallen steadily during recent months (decline)
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There has been a steady decline in the rate of inflation during recent months.
It was Derek who pointed the mistake out to me. (attention)
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(It was) Derek (who) drew my attention to the mistake.
They were on the point of cancelling the match when the opposition arrived. (call)
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They were ready to call off the match when the opposition arrived.
Not many people attended the concert. (poorly)
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The concert was poorly attended.
The train is five minutes late in leaving. (due)
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The train was due to leave five minutes ago.
This licence is valid until December 31st 1987 (expiry)
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The expiry date for this licence is December 31st 1987.
One essay is just as bad as the other. (choose)
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There is nothing to choose between these two essays.
Most doctors agree that smoking is bad for your health. (harm)
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Most doctors agree that smoking can harm your health.

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