Use of English 3. Test 1. Paper 3, task 2

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It's such a pity your sister can't come as well.
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If only your sister could come as well.
The house seemed to have been unoccupied for several months.
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It looked as if though the house had been unoccupied for several months.
These new machines have put an end to queuing.
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Before these machines were invited people had to queue.
He was tired he fell asleep before the and of the film.
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He was too tired to stay awake until the and of the film.
Though my house was cheaper than Norman's it is bigger and more attractive.
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Norman's house may have been more expensive (than mine) but it is smaller and less attractive (than mine).
Everyone heard about the accident before I did.
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I was the last (person) to know about the accident.
If you must go out tonight, at least finish your homework first, said Sarah's father.
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Sarah's father said that if she had to go out she should finish her homework first.
The instructions say, you just add boiling water to the soup powder.
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The soup powder just needs boiling water added to it according to the instructions.

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