Use of English 2. Test 1. Paper 3, task 4

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Be sure to say goodbye to your grandmother before you leave.
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Be sure not to leave without saying goodbye to your grandmother.
That sort of behaviour is deplorable, in my opinion.
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I do not approve of that sort of behaviour.
The new lecturer was unpopular with his students.
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The students did not take to their new lecturer.
The last political scandal of this kind took place fifty years ago.
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There hasn't been a political scandal like this since the 1940's.
Women are not allowed to enter the inner temple.
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They do not let women into the inner temple.
They'll have to take the dog on holiday with them.
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They can't leave the dog behind when they go on holiday.
Don't run away with the idea that this job is easy.
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Don't come to the conclusion that this job is easy.
You must drive more slowly in town.
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(You must) Reduce (your) speed in town.

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