ula 12th Feb 2015

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nieformalny koncert muzyki folkowej
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was also an old country word for "party". Nowadays the word most commonly refers to a folk music party with an open mic, at which different performers are welcome to get up and play in front of an audience
oświadczyć się komuś
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to propose marriage to sb
kurkuma / szafran indyjski
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turmeric / saffron Indian
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OSH /occupational safety and health
automat do gry
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slot machine / fruit machine BrE
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to recoMMEND!!!
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sulphate BrE / sulfate AmE => /feit/
w nawiasie
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in parentheses
jeśli uda ci się dostać
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if you can get your hands on sth
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it'll siffice
zmiana zdania
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She had a change of heart (=change in attitude) and decided to stay.
But soon after he had a change of heart and left her.
wyznaczyć kogoś do zrobienia czegoś
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designate somebody to do something
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posthumously /ˈpɒs.tjʊ.məsli/
balansować (między czymś a czymś)
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walk a tightrope to be in a difficult situation in which something bad could happen if you make a mistake:
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Ostatki, wtorek przed Środą Popielcową
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Shrove Tuesday

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