The Apprentice S13E01 – Burgers [Eng]

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Cockney rhyming slang for - > crap. Rubbish; nonsense, or 'of poor quality'.
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pony and trap
an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter
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Gok Wan
a small flat cake of minced food, especially meat
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to apply great physical effort to (sth) BrE
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give it some welly
the number of people entering a shop or shopping area in a given time
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eagerly accept an offer
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snap their hand off
to be in serious trouble (for example, he'll be [in serious trouble] if his girlfriend finds out
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be dead meat
to convince sb to do sth
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sway sb to sth
appear to be or do something, especially falsely (synonym: claim) (Example: She is not the person she [appears] to be)
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