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Be up to sth
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to be doing something, often something bad or illegal, usually secretly
He looks very suspicious hanging around by the bins - I'm sure he's up to something. What are you up to this Sunday?
Be at a loose end
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to have nothing to do
If you find yourself at a loose end, you could always clean the bathroom.
Be snowed under (with sth)
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to have so much work that you have problems dealing with it all
I'm absolutely snowed under with work at the moment.
Line sth up
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to prepare, organize or arrange something
Have you got anyone lined up to do the catering at the Christmas party?
Be tied up
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to be very busy and unable to speak to anyone, go anywhere, etc.
She's tied up in a meeting at the moment but I'll ask her to call you later.
Fall through
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to fail to happen
We found a buyer for our house, but then the sale fell through.
Go ahead
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If an event goes ahead, it happens
The festival is now going ahead as planned.
Call sth off
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to decide that a planned event, especially a sports event, will not happen, or to end an activity because it is no longer useful or possible
Tomorrow's match has been called off because of the icy weather.
Wind down
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to gradually relax after doing something that has made you tired or worried
When he goes on holiday, it takes him the first couple of days just to wind down.
Crop up
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to happen or appear unexpectedly
Her name keeps cropping up in conversation.
Put your feet up
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to relax, especially by sitting with your feet supported above the ground
You go home and put your feet up, love.
Get out of sth
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to avoid doing something that you do not want to do, especially by giving an excuse
I reckon her backache was just a way of getting out of the housework.

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