Surveillance Society

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obeying or keeping the law, e.g. law-abiding citizens.
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to discourage, stop, or restrain from acting or proceeding, e.g. The large dog deterred trespassers. Does the threat of prison deter criminals?
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to need to report, explain, or justify something, be responsible, answerable.
to monitor
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to observe, record, (a process, or situation) e.g. with a computer, or cameras. We are monitoring the situation and we have it under control.
hand over
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to deliver or pass with, or as if with, the hand.
keep track of sth
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to follow something, to keep a note of any changes
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a watch kept over a person, group, etc., especially over a suspect, prisoner, e.g. The suspects were under police surveillance.
a deterrent
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something that deters people from something else, e.g. is prison a deterrent to criminals?
CCTV camera
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a camera that is used to monitor people, e.g. in the street or in or near a building.
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a group of tiny electronic circuits that work together on a very small piece of hard material (such as silicon).

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