phrasal verbs

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chronić się przed czymś
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guard against sth
It’s never too early to guard against heart disease.
wygłupiać się
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mess around
We spent the evening with friends, just messing around.
ścigać kogoś
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go after somebody
The police went after the thief but he got away.
zgromadzić coś/kogoś
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round sb/sth up
I'll just go and round everyone up for the meeting.
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slim down
Suzie's really slimmed down over the last few months.
zlikwidować coś
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wind sth up
A company may be wound up by the court or voluntarily.
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use up
Don't use up all the butter, we need some for breakfast.
palić papierosa
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light up
David was lighting up when he noticed a 'no smoking' sign.
wpatrywać się
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eye sth up
I saw you eyeing up those chocolate cakes.
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rinse sth out
Just rinse these wine glasses out and leave them to dry.

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