Phrasal Verbs 1

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answer back
How dare you answer back like that?!
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odpowiadać niegrzecznie, pyskować
answer for sb/sth
You can't make me answer for his mistakes. That's unfair!
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odpowiadać za coś, ponosić odpowiedzialność
answer for
I can answer for her qualifications in the field.
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ręczyć za
ask after sb
He seems to be really interested - he keeps asking after you.
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pytać o kogoś, dopytywać sie
ask out
You behave like a moron! Ask her out and then you will know if she likes you or not!
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zaprosić kogoś (do kina, restauracji)
back sb/sth up
Will you back me up if I present the alternative solution to the problem?
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popierać, potwierdzać
back out
Make them sign the agreement so that they would not back out from the project.
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wycofywać się
call off
They had to call the meeting off because their partners asked for more time to decide on conditions.
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odwołać (np. spotkanie)
break down
They got caught quite easily as their runaway car broke down after few miles.
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zepsuć się
break down
The discussion broke down because nobody wanted to accept any compromise.
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załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem
be after
John is after a job in marketing.
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poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać
break up (with sb)
I didn't know Leven has broken up with Joe!
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zerwać z kimś
burst out
He burst out laughing when he heard this joke for the first time.
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care for
She cares for her younger sister.
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opiekować się, troszczyć
carry out
I hope she will carry out her research as it may be a real breakthrough.
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wypełniać, wykonać, zrealizować
check in
All the passengers should check in one hour before the departure.
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zgłosić się do odprawy
check off
Please check off all the names on the list to make sure everyone's present.
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zaznaczać (np. na liście)
check out
Can somebody check out who is at the door?
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check up on sth/sb
I hate when he checks up on me to be sure that I go where I tell him.
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sprawdzać, kontrolować
check out
She checked out early in the morning and continued her journey.
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zdać pokój (w hotelu), wymeldować się
clean up
Clean up your room before you leave.
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clear sth out
Next weekend I'm gonna finally clear my wardrobe out.
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posprzątać dokładnie
clear up
The weather's clearing up.
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przejaśniać się (o pogodzie), przechodzić (o chorobie)
clear sth up
Yes, we had an arguement but we cleared it up already.
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wyjaśniać, rozwiązywać (zagadkę, problem)
cloud over
As the sky clouded over, we had to resign from sunbathing that day.
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zachmurzyć się
come about
He said he had no idea how all these things may have come about in his company.
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zdarzać się
come across
John came across as being an extremely shy person.
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sprawiać wrażenie
come across sth/sb
I came across this precious painting while I was tidying my basement.
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natknąć się (na coś/kogoś)
come apart
We need a new bed, the old one is coming apart.
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rozpadać się
come back
Don't wait for me, I don't know when I'll be coming back.
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come out
The first issue of this newspaper came out in 1956.
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pojawiać się, ukazywać się
depend on
You can always depend on me. The tram is late again! You really can't depend on public transport.
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polegać na
depend on sth
Our decision depends on the results of the test.
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zależeć (od czegoś)
die away
Her voice gradually died away and there was silence again.
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zanikać, cichnąć
die out
Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.
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wymierać, zanikać
do away with sth
Why don't they do away with all these stupid rules!
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pozbywać się
do without
I'm afraid she'll have to do without my help.
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radzić sobie bez czegoś
drop by/in
Do not hesitate to drop in whenever you're in the neighbourhood.
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wpaść (z wizytą)
drop out
Sue decided to drop out of school.
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eat out
Do you feel like eating out today's evening?
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zjeść na mieście
enter into
He doesn't want to enter into details at the moment.
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zagłębiać się
fall apart
Her relationship fell apart after two years. When Mark left Eve, her whole world fell apart.
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rozpadać się
fall for sb/sth
I fell for her the moment I saw her for the first time.
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zakochać się
fight back
Don't stand like this! Fight back!
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oddawać (w walce, bójce)
fill in sth
Please fill in the application form.
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fill (sth) up
The room was filled up with people.
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wypełnić, zapełnić
find out
Did you find out how much he had paid?
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dowiedzieć się
fool around/about
Stop fooling around with the knife or you'll get hurt.
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wygłupiać się
get away
I thought I would never get away from that boring guy!
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get away with sth
We all knew he was lying but he managed to get away with it.
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uchodzić na sucho

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