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take to sth/sb
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szybko polubić; zacząć robić często i być w tym dobrym
The two dogs took to each other immediately and started to play. She's taken to basketball like a duck to water
stimulus, stimuli
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bodziec, bodźce; zachęta
We will need to give them some kind of stimulus to make this plan work. (Musimy dać im jakąś zachętę, żeby ten plan zadziałał.)
day dreammer
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Hey lazybones, get up from the sofa and help me with the dishes!
waste of space
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ktoś nieużyteczny / niepomocny
That man is a total waste of space.
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leń, nierób, bałaganiarz, często nieuprzejmy
Your brother is a lazy slob! He's a big fat slob of a man - I can't stand him.
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psotny, figlarny, żywy, wesoły, żartobliwy
a playful exchange of insults He was in a playful mood.
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znieważać, obrażać; zniewaga, obelga
He insulted me and my family! This is a deliberate insult against me and my people!
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celowy, umyślny
It was a deliberate act.
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władczy, apodyktyczny, despotyczny
My stepmother has a bossy personality.
bigheaded, conceited
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She's so bigheaded! It was a panel full of conceited and arrogant scholars.
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trzeźwo myślący, bez emocji
a hard-headed approach to problems
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badacz, uczony, stypendysta, student
full of oneself
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egoistyczny, zarozumiały, mający duże mniemanie o sobie
I doubt he even thought about what you might need, he’s so full of himself.
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I'm very envious of your new coat - it's beautiful.
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He is very confident and boastful, and is constantly singing songs about himself, but he still has a very good heart.
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przechwałki, przechwalać się
He didn't talk about his exam results in case people thought he was boasting.
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roztrzepany, roztargniony
She absent-mindedly left her umbrella on the bus. He is charmingly absent-minded.
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I remember my carefree student days.
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złośliwy, podły
Your malicious remark wounded me deeply.
out of malice
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ze złością, złym zamiarem
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psotny, szelmowski, złośliwy
She has a mischievous sense of humour.
come across
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robić wrażenie, wydawać się
He comes across as an eccentric person.
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droczyć się, dokuczać, drażnić; kokietować, nęcić
I used to hate being teased about my red hair when I was at school. He teased the dog and it bit him. This woman is clearly teasing you.
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spotkanie, zgromadzenie, zlot, zjazd
You know how many of us will come to the school reunion?
puppy love
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szczenięca miłość
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wyluzowany, zrelaksowany
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bitchy in English
wredny, złośliwy, jędzowaty
You can be really bitchy!
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zwykły, czysty
sheer arrogance, sheer ignorance, It was sheer luck. This dessert is sheer delight.
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smuga, pasemko; skłonnośc, tendencja
She had black hair with a blue streak. He has a streak of malice. Her stubborn streak makes her very difficult to work with sometimes. You need to have a competitive streak when you're working in marketing.
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intensywny; reagujący emocjonalnie
Be careful, he's an intense person.
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celowy, rozmyślny, świadomy; uparty, nieustępliwy
The present crisis is the result of years of wilful neglect by the council. She developed into a wilful, difficult child.
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próżniak, leń, obibok
lie around
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wylegiwać się, poniewierać się
I spent a week in Spain, lying around on the beach. Has anyone seen my keys lying around?
back down
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wycofywać się
"hen why should she back down, instead of going on to the top?
go behind somebodys back
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robić coś za czyimiś plecami
She's constantly going behind my back.
undermine sb
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podważać, podkopywać, nadszarpywać
He was punished because he undermined his teacher's authority. Hard physical work undermined his health.
take notice of sth
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zauważać, zwracać uwagę na coś, brać pod uwagę
stand up for
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stanąć w obronie
It's high time we all stood up for our rights around here. She stands up for what she believes in.
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kroczyć, postęp
He strode out of the room, a bit too quickly.
take sth in your stride
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przyjąć coś bez mrugnięcia okiem
When you become a politician, you soon learn to take criticism in your stride.
shy and retiring
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nieśmiały i wycofujący się
lighten up
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wyluzować się, rozchmurzyć
Oh, lighten up! I was only joking! I wish she'd just lighten up.
suck up to somebody
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podlizywać się komuś
She is constantly sucking up to the boss in order to get ahead
get ahead
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robić postępy, wyprzedzać, posuwać się do przodu
I heard that you have a new job and you're getting ahead - congratulations.
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dumać, rozmyślać; zaduma; muza
I began to muse about/on the possibility of starting my own business.
better off
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lepiej, w lepszej sytuacji, pomyślniejszy, zamożniejszy
He'd be better off working for a bigger company. Obviously we're better off now that we're both working.
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wytrwałość / niezmordowanie
Through hard work and perseverance, he worked his way up to the top.
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bogactwo, dostatek
wealth of studies, Jim has a wealth of teaching experience. Russia has a wealth of coal and timber. Their policies are all towards the creation of wealth.
live to tell the tale
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przeżyć coś i przetrwać z sukcesem
We had a horrific journey, but we lived to tell the tale.
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przerażający, okropny, straszny
a horrific accident/crime horrific injuries
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odsłonić, wyjawić, ujawnić
The truth was finally revealed. The research reveals that...
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ustalać, określać
The lie-detector test will determine if he's telling the truth.
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dobrze płatna / lukratywna, dochodowa
He was negotiating hard with his boss and managed to sign a very lucrative contract.
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dodatkowy, nadmierny; nadmiar
Do you have any excess baggage? They both eat to excess. An excess of water causes the plant's roots to rot.
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odpowiednik; kopia, duplikat
This company is our counterpart in Sweden. My counterpart in their company earns more money. This document comes in two counterparts.
upward(s) of
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Upwards of 50,000 people assembled in the main square.
sound out
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Perhaps you could sound the chairwoman out before the meeting, to see which way she's going to vote?
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za pomocą którego, pzez co
They've set up a plan whereby you can spread the cost over a two-year period. We need to devise some sort of system whereby people can liaise with each other. It's put me in a position whereby I can't afford to take a job.
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zakwestionować, podważyć; konkurs, zawody
How can you contest the words of your professor?
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zderzenie, utarczka, pojedynek, starcie
Their interests clashed when it turned out that they had to choose. The clash left both armies weakened.
sort out
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załatwić, ustalać,
sort out a place to stay, ~ a visa, ~ our differences
drag down
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obniżać status, obniżać poziom
The debate must not be dragged down to that level.
make of sb
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myśleć o kimś, sądzić o kimś
I won't tell you what I make of him because you can't keep anything in secret.
with flying colours
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If you do something such as pass an exam with flying colours, you do it very successfully.
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She ruminated for weeks about whether to tell him or not.
speak ill of
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źle się wyrażać, mówić źle o...
don't speak ill about the dead
ill tempered
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zły, poirytowany, rozdrażniony, łatwo wpadający w gniew, o złym usposobieniu
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zapalać (się), powodować zapłon; wzniecać, wzbudzać, prowokować, inicjować
The fuel spontaneously ignites because of the high temperature and pressure. The proposed restrictions have ignited a storm of protest.
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zapłon, stacyjka w samochodzie
She put the key into the ignition. The firemen were here five minutes after the ignition.
be done and dusted
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zrobione i skończone na tip-top
By now the deal was done and dusted.
be nuts
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być szalonym, postradać zmysły
Are you nuts? We can't do this, it's too dangerous. He must be nuts, I would never do that.
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rozprawa (magisterska/doktorska), praca pisemna
I am too busy writing my dissertation to do anything else. He wrote his dissertation on neuroleptics.
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przezwyciężać, opanowywać, pokonywać;
He meditates to overcome stress. ~ disease, ~ fear, ~ discrimination
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przedsięwzięcie; wyprawa; narażać, ryzykować, odważyć się
Opening a company is a venture..., This venture will change your whole life. I would venture to say better late than never.
by and large
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ogólnie mówiąc, generalnie
By and large, this is a good solution.
push sb hard
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wymagać dużo od kogoś
He pushes them too hard.
see eye to eye on sth
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zgadzać się na jakiś temat, zgadzać się co do czegoś
They don't see eye to eye on many issues.
not be on speaking terms with sb
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nie rozmawiać z kimś
They had an argument last night and now they're not on speaking terms (with each other).
put somebody at somebody's ease
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uspokoić kogoś
Chris phoned to say they'd arrived safely, so that really put my mind at ease.
get on somebody's nerves
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działać komuś na nerwy
Oh, stop it, you're getting on my nerves!
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szorstki; przybliżony; burzliwy, niespokojny, trudny, ciężki
Her skin was rough. This is just a rough calculation. Jane is tired because she had a rough night. It's a rough area.
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okradanie na ulicy, rozbój, bandycki napad
Police are concerned that mugging is on the increase.
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tarcie, napięcie
There is strong friction here in the relationship between the European and national levels.
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wybredny, kapryśny
All my children were fussy eaters.
pull one's weight
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przykładać się do pracy
He is our best employee. He always pulls his weight.
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nieskazitelny, czysty, nieskalany
Her home is spotless; spotless reputation
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She is my only sibling.
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brzdąc, małe dziecko (uczące się chodzić)
The last time I saw you, you were a toddler.
a bit of a handful
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trudny, krnąbrny (np. o dziecku)
Her older son is fine but the little one is a bit of a handful.
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zaszczepić, wpoić
to instil discipline, to instil confidence
tell sb off
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upominać kogoś, besztać kogoś, ochrzaniać kogoś
The teacher told the boy off.
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rozerwanie, pękać; wybuchać; wyskakiwać/wskakiwać
The water pipe burst during the winter. She burst into laughter and hugged him. I burst into the room and scared my mother.
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niepewny, chwiejny,
She's been in bed with flu, and she's still a little unsteady on her feet.
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he's a bright lad
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wybuch, spazm, przypływ (płaczu)
I wanted to apologize for my outburst yesterday.
answer back
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bronić się słowami; odszczekiwać, odpowiadać niegrzecznie
You can't answer back to your grandma! The company criticized in the documentary was given the opportunity to answer back.
point blank
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bezpośrednio, wprost, bez ogródek; kategorycznie, stanowczo
He asked me a question point-blank. She declined our offer point-blank.
back down
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wycofywać się
Eventually, Roberto backed down and apologized.
go through a bad/difficult/rough/sticky patch
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przechodzić zły, trudny okres
Andy's going through a rough patch at the moment - his wife wants a divorce.
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zwierzać się, powierzać
He confided (to her) that his hair was not his own.
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komplikacja, problem; nawrót (choroby), pogorszenie stanu
The construction had some delay due to unforeseen setbacks. After this surgery, the probability of setback is very low.
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cios (przykra, zła sytuacja), uderzenie
His death was a blow to us but we made it. The blow in the face knocked him out.
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wątły, słaby; delikatny, kruchy
My daughter is so frail that she can't go outside. Their hope for the better future is frail.
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wypisać (ze szpitala); wydzielać, wydostawać się; wyładowywać (się)
He was discharged from the hospital. Large amounts of dangerous waste are discharged daily by the factory. The ship stopped to discharge the passengers.
turn on the charm
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zacząć się wdzięczyć, użyć wdzięku
He can really turn on the charm when he wants to.
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zadowolony (z siebie)
a complacent smile/attitude We can't afford to become complacent about any of our products.
bottle sth up
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dusić coś w sobie
You can't bottle the anger up. I couldn't bottle my sorrow up any longer.
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smutek, żal
His presence shifted my attention away from my sorrows.
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rurka do nurkowania
white collar crime
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przestępstwo urzędnicze, "w bałych rękawiczkach"
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uniwersalny, wszechstronny; zmienny
This jacket is very versatile - you can dress it up for the evening. He is a very versatile actor. We want all our staff to be versatile.
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I have tentative plans to take a trip to Seattle in July.
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Despite that, it has some respectability.
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łapówkarstwo, przekupstwo
Pharmaceutical companies use bribery to encourage doctors to prescribe their drugs.
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He is responsible for a couple of thefts in our city.
insider trading/dealing
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nielegalny obrót papierami wartościowymi; nielegalne transakcje zawarte na podstawie poufnych informacji
The company's executives and its accountants are accused of falsifying financial statements and engaging in insider trading.
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kanciarstwo, gangsterstwo, wymuszanie okupu, nielegalna działalność
They have been accused of racketeering.
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praca, robota, siła robocza
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defraudacja, sprzeniewierzenie
A theft of assets is a form of embezzlement. She embezzled thousands of dollars from the charity.
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naruszenie, pogwałcenie (zasad, prawa)
Even minor infringements of the law will be severely punished.
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grzywna, mandat
I got a fine for speeding.
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ukuć, wymyśleć; moneta
to coin a term
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hańba, wstyd, kompromitacja; hańbić
It is a disgrace not to respect your elders. He disgraces this family with his actions.
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plama, skaza; poplamić, splamić,
an ink stain, His car has a stain on the chassis, The wine stained the carpet red. You stained the honor of your family.
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podwozie (samolotu), obudowa (komputera, telefonu)
I took off the chassis and cleaned the inside.
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nieład, rupiecie; zagracić,
Sorry about the clutter in the kitchen. My desk is covered in/full of clutter.
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wezwać, przywołać, zwołać; zbierać (siły); pozywać (przed sądem)
We were summoned to the headmaster's office. It took me six months to summon (up) the courage to ask him out for a drink.
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osobliwy, dziwny; szczególny, swoisty
The man we met was very peculiar. He has a peculiar way of showing his gratitude.
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blask, oślepiające światło; gniewne spojrzenie
I was blinded by a glare of light. She gave us a glare and left.
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obsypać, zasypywać, pokrywać; rozsypywać, rozrzucać; usiać
The beach was strewn with rocks. He strewed toys all over the floor. The meadow was strewn with flowers.
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pojąć, zrozumieć; gruntować, sondować, zgłębiać
I can't fathom her at all. For years people have been trying to fathom (out) the mysteries of the whale's song.
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spłukany, bez forsy, bez grosza, goły
I won't help you. I'm skint.
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zapomnienie, niepamięć
DVDs push video tapes toward oblivion.
to burn the candle at both ends
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zarwać noc; wziąć zbyt wiele na swoje barki (np. zarwać noc przez pracę i następnego dnia wstać wcześnie rano)
I'm terribly tired. I had to finish my work and burned the candle at both ends
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celowo, umyślnie
He hadn't done it deliberately. She has deliberately ignored my note!
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start learning
żałosny, żenujący, godny politowania; wzruszający, godny współczucia
a pathetic attempt/joke/excuse Are you telling me you're frightened to speak to her? Don't be so pathetic!; The refugees were a pathetic sight - starving, frightened and cold.
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zadowolony z siebie, próżny
a smug grin She deserved her promotion, but I wish she wasn't so smug about it.
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piana; coś atrakcyjnego ale mało istotnego i ważnego
His books are just froth, but they're enjoyable enough.
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pogarszać (sytuację); mieszanka
Lack of rain compounded the problems farmers are having.
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zaraźliwy, zakaźny
The disease is very contagious.
get sth of your chest
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zrzucać kamień z serca, wyrzucić coś z siebie, wyżalić się
I had spent two months worrying about it and I was glad to get it off my chest.
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bezwiednie, nieświadomie
I apologize for any anxiety which I may, unwittingly, have caused.
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stara panna
She is a spinster who never married or had children. She died a spinster at the age of 67 in 1766.
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szmatka, ścierka; tkanina, materiał
This cloth will be perfect to polish the table. What cloth is this shirt made of?
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łajno, odchody, bobki
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kozioł (sarny), zając (samiec), młody byczek (o mężczyźnie)
We saw two bucks goring. We saved a buck's life which we found on the road. I'm not a young buck like I used to be.
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bóść, dźgać, przebijać; rozlana krew
The goat gored me with horns. There was plenty of gore at the demonstration.
fly the nest
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wyfrunąć z gniazda
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I think he's the only person I know who's still wearings cords.
bee's knees
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najlepszy, coś co wymiata, prezentować bardzo wysoki poziom
Have you tried this ice cream? It's the bee's knees, it really is.
rough draft
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surowy rękopis
start learning
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fabuła; spisek, zmowa, plan; knuć, intrygować; działka
The play had a weak plot; They found out about our plot, we have to drop it.; We plotted against our biology teacher; There are several plots of land for sale.
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panować, panowanie, rządy
The king's reign ended with his assassination. Under my reign, you won't be punished for such nonsense. His heir is just a boy, not ready to reign.
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spadkobierca, dziedzic
After his death, she became the only heir to the family fortune.
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wspiąć się; wznosić; piąć się w górę (po szczeblach kariery)
They slowly ascended the steep path up the mountain. He eventually ascended to the position of chief executive.
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stromy; wygórowany (ceny); gwałtowny
The castle is set on a steep hill. The price is too steep. steep increase/rise, steep rain, steep hurricane
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udaremnić; floret; folia, sreberko
They managed to foil the terrorist attack.
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start learning
zdrada (kraju, stanu)
She was accused of committing treason against the state.
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wizerunek, podobizna; kukła
Crowds marched through the streets carrying burning effigies of the president.
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wspomnienie; spokój (umysłu), medytacja (religijna)
My recollections of my childhood are very hazy.
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zimne ognie; brylant, klejnot
under threat
start learning
pod groźbą, zagrożony
She left the country under threat of arrest if she returned.
fade away
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zanikać, gasnąć (też o umierającym)
The images started to fade away and everything around me turned black. My grandmother is fading, I already said goodbye to her.
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