January 2013 FCE

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zachwycony, uszczęśliwiony
I'm certain he'll be delighted to see you. The children were especially delighted that there were enough cookies for each of them to have two. /dɪˈlaɪtɪd/
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bliski związek, duże prawdopodobieństwo
If there is a fine/thin line between one thing and another, they are very similar although the second thing is bad (often + between) There's a thin line between courage and foolishness.
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fine line
cudowny, zachwycający, godny uwielbienia
Her daughter is just adorable! They live in an adorable little cottage. /əˈdɔrəbəl/
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podobny, taki sam; jednakowo, tak samo
He and his father are alike in many ways. The houses in our street are very alike. /əˈlaɪk/
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rozgłos, reklama
Good publicity can help enhance your company's image. An arrest for drunk driving is bad publicity for any celebrity. /pʌˈblɪsɪti/
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jęczeć (narzekać, wydawać jęki)
They moan about high taxes and the crushing burden of bureaucracy. Stop moaning, would you? /moʊn/
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przygniatający, miażdżący, druzgocący, przytłaczający
Sceptics claim that this burden of responsibility is crushing the spirit of scientific inquiry. /krʌʃ/
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potworny, przerażający (np. o warunkach gdzieś)
The conditions in the prison were appalling. He sounded very cheerful despite the appalling injuries he had suffered. /əˈpɔlɪŋ/
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hol (w hotelu), pokój wypoczynkowy, wygodnie siedzieć
She was lounging on the sofa. If you get to the hotel before us, just wait in the lounge. /laʊndʒ/
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rzęsa, bicz, bat, chłostać, smagać, uderzać
They gave the sailor 50 lashes for disobeying orders. The disobedient sailors were threatened with the lash. /læʃ/
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spotkanie, zgromadzenie, ponownie połączenie
An emotional reunion between mother and son. He dreamed of a reunion with his son. The reunion happened the way these things usually do, with a birthday cake. /riˈyunyən/
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termos, piersiówka, kolba (używana przez chemików)
We tend to make the tea the night before and keep it warm in a vacuum flask. A hip flask is a thin flask for holding a distilled beverage. /flæsk, flɑsk/
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przeszukiwać (np. dokument), przetrząsać (miejsce), szorować (ręce, naczynia)
She scoured the shops for a suitable dress. I was scouring the dirty pots for hours. /skaʊər/
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trudny, podchwytliwy, zawiły (np. sprawa); podstępny, chytry (osoba)
Is this a tricky question? The lock is tricky to open. He's a tricky person. /ˈtrɪki/
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uścisk, przytulenie (kogoś), przytulać
If you're having a terrible day, you probably wish you could just go home, get in bed, and cuddle with your cat. To cuddle is to embrace in a loving, affectionate way. /ˈkʌdl/
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zawrotny, olbrzymi, ogromny, niesamowity
It was a tremendous mistake. Wasn't it a tremendous movie! The engine's power is tremendous. /trɪˈmɛndəs/
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