Gentrification 2

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someone who lives in a place. E.g. the inhabitants of this city are mostly young families. Gdansk has 500,000 inhabitants.
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the process of gentrifying an area. E.g. Gdansk has experienced a lot of gentrification recently.
to gentrify
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to renovate a district so that it appeals to wealthier inhabitants, e.g. with new businesses, more expensive restaurants, cafes.
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making a building new again, e.g. by painting walls or replacing old parts.
to renovate
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to make something new again, usually a building, e.g. a flat, a house, a museum.
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to bring new life to an area, e.g. an old inner city area, by bringing in new jobs, houses, businesses.
social housing
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housing provided for people on low incomes or with special needs, by the government.
local authority / local council / city council
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the governing body responsible for managing a city or town.

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