Company Law 1

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draw sth up
to prepare something, usually a plan, list, or an official agreement, by writing it
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sporządzać coś
to start an organization, especially by providing money
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zakładać(instytucję, organizację)
registred office
where to send official documents
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siedziba spółki
Articles of Association
it is one of the documents needed to create a new campany state: 1 the rights and duties of the shareolders and directors 2 the relationships among diffrent classes of shareholders 3 the relationshis between shareholdres and the comany and its directors
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umowa spółki, statut
company's purpose
its/aims or objectives
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cel firmy
authorized share capital
the maximum share capital it can have
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kapitał zakładowy, statutowy kapitał akcyjny
Memorandum of Association
a document needed to officially form a new company that contains: 1 the company's name 2 the location of the company's registered office 3 the company purpose 4 the authorize share capital
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dokument założycielski spółki
corpotate governance
the way a company is managed for its owners
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ład korporacyjny
audit committe
a group of directors to whom the external audtitors present their report
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komisja rewizyjna
limited liablity
responsibility for debts up to the value of the company's share capital
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organiczona odpowiedzialność
non-executive directors
members of a board of directors who are are not full-time managers of the company
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dyrektorzy konsultanci, dyrektorzy niewykonawczy
share capital
owners' money invested in a company
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kapitał akcyjny
is a business arrangement in which several people work together, and share the risks and profits
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spółka osobowa
legal entity
a company or organization that has legal rights and responsibilities, for example the right to make contracts and the responsibility to pay debts
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podmiot prawny
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in case
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w przypadku, w sytuacji
taken to court
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podać do sądu
solo trader business
an enterprise owned and operated by a single person- slso has unlimited liablity for debts
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przedsiębiorstwo jednoosobowe
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made up of
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składa się z
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is a business that is a legal entity, it has a separate legal existence from its owners, the shareholders.
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pozwać, oskarżać
breaks of contract
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złamać kontrakt
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kadra, sztab
limited companies
the owners are not liable for-or responsible for-the busimess's debts, ther liablity is limited to the value of their share captal
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spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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board of directors
the group of people who shareholders choose to manage a company or organization
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zarząd, rada dyrektorów/kierowników
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przewodniczący, prezes
chief executive officer, president, managing director
the main person in control of a company
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dyrektor zarządzający, prezes, dyrektor generalny, dyrektor naczelny
certificate of Incorporation
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akt ustanowienia spółki
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less influenced by opinions and beliefs
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executive directors
an important manager in a company or organization who is involved in organizing its daily activities
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dyrektor wykonawczy, wyższego szczebla
1) qualified manager or senior manager 2) an important manager in organization of company
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dyrektor, zarządca firmy

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