BEM 09-10.2013 MLS Superclub

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MLS, the United States top division of professional soccer, announced its newest member team - New York City FC.
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liga (sportowa, np. piłki nożnej)
to expand
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powiększać się, rozszerzać; rozwijać
to contract
MLS has expanded and contracted several times since its inception in 1996.
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kurczyć się, maleć; kontrakt
She has been a part of the show since its inception
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narodziny, powstanie (np. organizacji), rozpoczęcie
to stand out
This collaboration stands out starkly because of the renown of both partners involved.
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wyróżnić się, być lepszym od czegoś; odznaczać się
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renoma, rozgłos, fama
to depose
But I have no reason to believe that he'll be deposed.
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obalić, pokonać; dymisjonować (ze stanowiska), usuwać (z urzędu)
to pledge XXX $USD toward sth
Converting park land to another sporting venue would require NYC FC to redevelop other parts of park, a task that Manchester City exces have already pledged USD 90 mln toward.
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zadeklarować, że przeznaczy się kwotę X na coś
Outlays, such as exteremly high football players salaries, are an impossibility in the MFS.
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nakład, wydatek
I, for one, have never come across a situation so peculiar to itself.
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dziwny, osobliwy
most notably
The owner-operator manages their club without direct oversight, but under strict regulation, most notably a league-wide salary cap, which currently stands at just under USD 3 mln per team per season.
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a w szczególności
hail from sth
Claudio Reyna, hailing from neighboring New Jersey, has been tasked with spearheading the construction of a stadium and hiring a coach.
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pochodzić skądś, urodzić się gdzieś
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dowodzić, przewodzić, stać na czele (np. powstania, kampanii); grot włóczni
In interviews he has seem bullish at the prospect of building a top-notch club that can challenge the MLF history.
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optymistyczny; zwyżkujący, zwyżkowy
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najwyższej klasy, pierwszorzędny

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