21.11.2017 - Words of wisdom

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something that happens that delays or prevents something else
start learning
There has been a temporary setback in our plans.
to become familiar with and confident in a new situation
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find your feet
Did it take you long to find your feet when you started your new job?
someone who writes a regular article for a newspaper or magazine
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She's a columnist for USA Today.
progress in learning difficult skill
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steep learning curve
It's a steep learning curve when you're thrown into a job
deep/big impact on
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profound effect on
That had a profound effect on me
rely on your feelings
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trust your instincts
go with a strong belief about someone or something that cannot completely be explained
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go with your gut feeling
to learn/know how to do a job or activity
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learn the ropes
a person who is employed in another person's house, doing jobs such as cooking and cleaning
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to vote
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to vote in English
The country will go to the polls on 13 September.
less than friend
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a business acquaintance
to depend for your success on a single person or plan of action
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put all your eggs in one basket
I'm applying for several jobs because I don't really want to put all my eggs in one basket
an employee of a bank who deals with customers
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bank clerk
huge pessimism and despair
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doom and gloom
Russell pulled a back muscle early in the game
to injure a muscle by stretching it too far
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pull a muscle
a seed or seeds from a plant, especially a plant like a grass (rice or wheat)
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a plant whose yellowish-brown grain is used for making white flour
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