16.11.2017 - Francesco's Venice

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not clearly expressed, known, described, or decided
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to chase, try to catch sb
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The car was pursued by helicopters
state of not being awake
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not understanding or realizing something
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unaware of sth
someone who can twist their body into shapes and positions that normal people cannot
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(of food) not cooked, in a natural state, without having been through any chemical or industrial process
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Discover how eating raw food helps balance your body and aids digestion.
unpleasantly rough to the touch or other senses, too strong, bright, loud, etc
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We thought the punishment was rather harsh for such a minor offence.
difficult to see, not sharp picture
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an animal or plant that lives on or in another animal or plant of a different type and feeds from it
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The older drugs didn't deal effectively with the malaria parasite.
small parasites living in human hair
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an artificial hair
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to arrange for money or property to be given to somebody after your death
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Her father bequeathed her the family fortune in his will.
to receive money, a house, etc. from someone after they have died
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Who will inherit the house when he dies?
honest, not pretending or lying
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to know important people who can help you get what you want
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have friends in high places
land that is used for or is suitable for farming
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to get something / to come into possession or ownership
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He acquired the firm in 2008.
a person related to you who lived a long time ago
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There were portraits of his ancestors on the walls of the room.
someone or something that comes after another person or thin
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This range of computers is very fast, but their successors will be even faster.
a person whose job is to buy and sell products in large amounts
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to cause something to become gradually damaged
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symbol Cu, a chemical element that is a reddish-brown metal
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a bright yellow metal made from copper and zinc
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a curved metal musical instrument, curved part that grows from the top of the head of some animals
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for example a record, has scratches on it so it makes unpleasant noises when it is played
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We spent the evening listening to her scratchy old jazz records
pass sth to someone younger
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to hand down sth
My grandmother handed down this necklace to my mother.
a valuable object that has been given by older members of a family to younger members of the same family over many years
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This ring is a family heirloom.
something that you dislike at first, but that you start to like after you have tried it a few times
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an acquired taste
Olives are an acquired taste

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