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Offering a Compromise
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We are prepared ..., on condition that I think we could..., provided that We are ready to..., on the understanding that We ate willing to..., with the proviso that We are more than ready to..., as long as I believe we can..., if
Asking if it’s Acceptable
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Is that acceptable? Would that be acceptable? Would that be satisfactory? Is that acceptable as a compromise solution? We hope that this will be acceptable.
Adding a Condition Positively
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We see no objection whatsoever, provided that If we agreed, it would be conditional on Our agreement is conditional on If we agreed, we hope you would reciprocate by If you would be prepared to..., then we could
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We’d be rather reluctant to..., unless I don’t think we could..., unless We wouldn’t be prepared to..., unless We have certain reservations about..., and unless Only if you..., would we be prepared to
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I think that would be perfectly acceptable. We see no objection to that. That seems to be reasonable compromise. In a spirit of compromise, we would be willing to accept your offer. To meet you halfway on this, I think we could agree to your condition.
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We are not entirely convinced that this is a viable solution to the problem. Although we want to avoid a deadlock as much as you do, we find your offer unacceptable.
You leave us with little alternative but to In that case, we should very reluctantly have to
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In which case, we would be virtually obliged to You put us in a difficult position.

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