1). Opis krewnego

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Czy możesz opisać swojego rodzinnego krewnego?
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Can you describe your family relative?
Chciałabym opisać mojego kuzyna.
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I would like to describe my cousin.
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Wygląd in English
Appearance looks My cousin ‘s name is Rafał. He is twenty-two years old and He is slim and tall. He has got short, brown and straight hair. My cousin likes wearing tracksuit and trainers. His favourite colour is red.
Co on lubi robić?
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What he enjoys doing? My cousin is interested in cars and He always tries to keep his car in good condition
Jego osobowość - pozytywy
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As for his personality He is a very cheerful person and He always thinks positively. Moreover, my cousin is hardworking and responsible. I can always count on him to help me in difficult situations.
Jego osobowość - negatywy
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On the other hand my cousin can be unfriendly - He doesn't likes lazy and confident people, that is why He is keeping them away
Dlaczego go kochasz?
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Why do you love him? My cousin is a wonderful person. I love him, because He takes good care of me and He's my soulmate.

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