Useful phrases - Frasi utili

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I don't agree.
I am sorry, I don't agree.
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Non sono d'accordo.
Mi dispiace, non sono d'accordo.
I don't eat meat.
Remember that I don't eat meat.
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Non mangio carne.
Ricordati che non mangio carne.
Stop it!
Stop it! I can't stand you.
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Smettila! Non ti sopporto.
Help! There is a robber here!
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Aiuto! C'è un ladro qui!
One ticket to London, please.
I would like to buy one ticket to London, please.
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Un biglietto per Londra, per favore.
Vorrei comprare un biglietto per Londra, per favore.
That's true.
That's true, he's such a good person.
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È vero.
È vero, lui è davvero una brava persona.
No problem.
No problem, you can pay me later.
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Nessun problema.
Nessun problema, puoi pagarmi dopo.
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